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homework architects is the wife and husband firm of Carla Seddio and Michael Hamilton.  Located in Columbia County, NY, we serve clients predominantly in the Hudson Valley and in New York City.

In our practice and in our projects, we seek to achieve a balance of efficiency and delight.  Our projects emphasize human comfort, simplicity of form, connection to nature. Our design response, although typically modern, is driven by an appreciation of local vernacular architecture.

clever, cost-effective, sustainable solutions to design challenges both grand and humble


With our clients, as well as with contractors and consultants, we strive to develop a collaborative relationship of mutual trust, warmth, and confidence.  We anticipate our clients’ future needs to allow for flexibility, adaptation, and resilience over the lifetime of a building.

We encourage our clients to pursue a green strategy at some level, whether that means incorporating sustainably sourced materials, embarking on a deep energy retrofit of an existing building, or pursuing comprehensive green building certification.  Carla and Michael have a broad knowledge of best practices in sustainable building and building science.

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